When Does Seattle Airport Limo Service Beat Driving & Parking at SeaTac?

You’re no stranger to scheduling a trip. From accruing airline miles to offset the cost of a future vacation to checking in online early so as to snag a seat upgrade, you’ve got the process of prepping for air travel down pat.

Heck, you could probably drive to SeaTac airport half asleep—if there wasn’t safety to consider.

But, have you ever thought about not driving at all?

No, we’re not suggesting you skip your trip! Instead, we’re saying that sometimes scheduling a town car or limo service to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport just makes more sense.

Here’s when Starline’s airport town car service beats out driving to the airport:

How Does Seattle Airport Parking Cost Compare to Town Car or Limo Service

Did you know our town car service to SeaTac can be cheaper than parking at the airport? Parking in SeaTac’s garage is convenient—and expensive. At $28 per day or $130 per week, the cost of parking daily can really add up over a trip that’s more than two or three days.

Sure, you could drive to one of the dozens of private parking lots near SeaTac. These average between $13-17 per day. However, with a variety of lots and hotels offering different rates on long-term parking, it’s a jungle out there. Additionally, parking in a long-term lot means that you’re stuck lugging your bags on a shuttle from the lot to your terminal, which also adds time onto your commute.

Alternately, Starline’s airport car service is surprisingly affordable—especially when compared to SeaTac’s airport parking. Our rate of $45–55 (Seattle, Bellevue) each way bundles all the convenience of having your own set of wheels handy, sans the stress of taking a shuttle.

Scheduling a Town Car or Limo Service to SeaTac is Convenient

We have all experienced the hassle of navigating an airport. Where’s the ticket counter? How long is the security line? Are there any delays?

Sound Transit light rail is the cheapest option to get to SeaTac airport. But, taking public transportation just adds to the list of things you have to worry about. On top of finding your way to your flight on time, you’ll have to determine the best route and schedule, wheeling your luggage along as well.

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Not up for the adventure of public transportation? Starline offers our clients first class limo service that starts at your front door, with a stress-free experience from reservation to a punctual pickup. Additionally, not even SeaTac’s parking can beat the convenience of a curbside drop-off.

Traveling Early or During Peak Traffic? Our Airport Town Car Service is Stress-Free

Getting to SeaTac is no easily feat during regular daylight hours, much less when you’re attempting to make a flight that leaves before the dawn arrives.

You could take the 30-minute drive from downtown Seattle—of course; then you’ll pay the price of parking. Hailing a cab offers convenience, but not courtesy. And at a flat $40, the cost of a cab is just two cups of coffee short of our airport town car or limo service.

We make traveling during the early hours and peak traffic times a little easier by supporting our experienced drivers with state of the art logistics. This means that not only do you never have to worry about travel times, but that the only surprise during your airport commute will is the quality of our service.

Still Want to Park at SeaTac? Here’s How To Save

If your first priority is limiting the cost of getting to and from SeaTac, there’s nothing better than getting a ride from a friend. Of course, if you’re unsuccessful at bribing someone to brave the required route, you can still save by planning to park in an independent long-term lot.

Don’t already know someone with a favorite lot? We’ve got you covered:

  • Wally Park offers outdoor self-parking for $17.95 per day, covered garage parking for $25.95, and covered valet parking for $37.95 per day. With shuttles that leave every five minutes and available luggage assistance, this appears to be a top pick for independent long-term parking at SeaTac.
  • Master Parking offers four different valet locations that help offset the inconvenience of parking in an independent long-term lot. Weekly rates start at $84, thanks to their frequent coupon offers.
  • Park'n Jet boats the lowest long-term rates, offering a prepaid 30-day package plan of uncovered parking for $179—just use them all within 36 months. The only caveat? While reviews sound pleased with the parking option, they warn to leave extra time for a shuttle pickup.

Yes, there’s still the cost of gas and tolls, depending on where you’re coming from. However, for trips that keep you away from three to five days, your round trip drive and parking can cost less than $90.

Why Starline Offers the Best Seattle Airport Limo Service for Your Money

Imagine being picked up from your home or office right on time. Your chauffeur will open the door to your hired luxury town car or limousine, then stow your luggage away—leaving you to never lift so much as a handle.

As you relax in the comfortable interior, you’ll enjoy complete confidence of a punctual arrival and a stress-free ride, allowing you to step onto the terminal curb refreshed, and ready for the next leg of your trip—all for only a few dollars more than the cost of a standard cab.

Promising low prices, high courtesy, and maximum convenience, we’re confident that other transport options simply can’t compare to our luxury airport town car and limo services. Learn more about Starline’s limo services and rates, or contact us today to schedule your next airport car service.