Starline Gets Responsive!

In today’s world, it should probably come as no surprise that we use our cellphones a lot. But did you know that a full 63% of adult cellphone owners use their phones to go online? And it doesn’t stop there. Of these, 34% go online using mostly their phones, and not some other device, such as a desktop or laptop computer.

When you consider that more than 1/3 of Americans access the internet primarily using their smartphones, it’s astounding how much growth has occurred just in the past 5 years. However, for companies who are focused on addressing their customers’ ever-changing needs, this time also offers an immense opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competition.

At Starline Town Car & Limousine, we understand that life is busy, and that many of our clients are constantly “on the go.” As a result, we’ve embraced a new technology—a whole new way of doing things, really—called “responsive” web design.

What’s the Big Deal About Responsive Web Design?

If you’ve accessed the internet on anything other than a standard PC, you know that browsing the web can big a big pain in the neck—or in the eyes, as the case may be. That’s because most sites aren’t scalable; meaning the information listed on it doesn’t change based on how it’s being accessed. In other words, whether you’re viewing it on a PC or a smartphone, an “unresponsive” site will be optimized for one, but not for the other.

Responsive web design, on the other hand, means that developers can code one site, versus creating separate desctop and mobile versions. Ultimately though, it means that the content is always optimized for viewers, regardless of how they’re accessing it.

But here’s the really cool part: Responsive web design isn’t just a different way of coding a website, it’s a completely new method of approaching content delivery. This is because it’s focused on serving user’s best interests, based on how they access the site.

What Does Responsive Web Design Have to Do with Me?

With Starline’s new responsive web site, you can now easily browse and book reservations, all on your mobile device. The fact is, we’re one of the few town car and limousine companies in Seattle that is investing in responsive technology. But in the end, our primary goal is to serve you—our customer—better than any other company out there.

If you have questions about Seattle luxury vehicle rentals, or would simply like to provide some feedback regarding our new website, give us a call today at (206) 261-1191.