Starline Town car & Limo service FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make a Reservation?

Whenever you’re ready to reserve a town car or limousine, call (206) 261-1191, or fill out the simple reservation form, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

When Can I Make a Reservation?

Make a reservation whenever you need, day or night. We’re open 24/7, so we’ll always be available. Keep in mind, though, that online reservations should be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled pickup time. Have questions? Give us a call at (206) 261-1191.

How Will I Know If My Reservation Was Successful?

After completing the online reservation form, you will receive a confirmation email within five hours containing all the necessary information.

If you submitted a reservation request more than five hours ago and still haven’t received a confirmation email, call us at (206) 261-1191.

What Should I Do If I Need to Change My Reservation?

We understand that changes can occur unexpectedly. If you need to change your reservation or cancel it altogether, call us at (206) 261-1191.

What Are Your Prices?

Rates to and from our most common destinations can be found on the Rates page. For custom rates or other services, please give us a call at (206) 261-1191.

How Do You Know When My Flight Has Arrived?

As part of our cutting-edge logistics, we utilize flight tracking systems to monitor your flight and to know once you have arrived. This lets us know well in advance if your flight is early, delayed, or canceled.

If you have additional questions about flight tracking or any other part of our logistics system, call us at (206) 261-1191.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We offer several payment options, including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or cash.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

If you need to cancel your service, please call us at (206) 261-1191 at least two (2) hours before your scheduled pickup time to receive a full refund.

Email must be sent at least 24 hours before your scheduled pickup time if you want to notify us of your cancellation via email.

No-shows will be charged the full amount plus an additional 20% fee.

How Do I Meet My Driver at the Airport?

After claiming your baggage, please proceed to the nearest exit and call us at (206) 261-1191. We’ll dispatch your driver, who will meet you by the curb.

For an additional $20 fee, our Meet and Greet service allows your driver to meet you in the luggage area with a sign bearing your name.

What Should I Do If My Car Is Not Here?

If you cannot locate your driver at the scheduled pickup time, please call us immediately at (206) 261-1191. We will make sure you and your driver connect.

Do You Have Any Special Considerations for Children?

At Starline, we love having your little ones along for the ride. However, under Washington State law, if your child is under 8 years old or under 4'9" tall (whichever comes first), you’ll need to use a car or booster seat when using our services.

You can install a seat you own for free, or we’ll be more than happy to furnish one for an additional $15.

Please request your car seat when placing your order online or by email. This allows us to maintain a written record of your request on file.

In addition, we understand that installing your child’s car seat in a new vehicle can be difficult, and we’ll be more than happy to assist. For liability purposes, though, we cannot be the ones to complete the installation nor to secure your child in the seat.

In addition, if you need the car seat for a round trip, we’ll be happy to keep it in place and have it available for your return.

If you have any further questions, please call us at (206) 261-1191, or email us at [email protected]